Monday, May 16, 2011

Android Open Conference

Introducing Android Open

The Android juggernaut is gaining force and momentum, rocketing past the iPhone and Blackberry to become the dominant smartphone platform. And the opportunity goes beyond phones—Android is powering tablets, set-top boxes, and a host of new embedded and connected devices.

Android Open is the first conference to cover the entire Android ecosystem. Whether you're a developer, IT pro, business decision-maker, or marketer, you'll find the latest and best information for maximizing the power of the Android platform. But this new O'Reilly conference is not just about today's Android opportunity—it also spotlights tech, projects, and companies that point to Android's bright future.

Android Open is a big-tent meeting ground for app and game developers, carriers, chip manufacturers, content creators, OEMs, researchers, entrepreneurs, VCs, and business leaders to share best practices, tools, models, and lessons learned. If it's your business to create, sell, or market products in the Android space, if you're launching an Android-centric venture or need to take stock of the competitive landscape, Android Open is the place to be.

Insightful keynotes, practical workshops, and expert-led sessions will explore:

  • Building Android apps: best practices
  • Android internals—under the hood
  • Development tools
  • New frameworks
  • Alternative languages
  • Gaming and game development
  • Enterprise solutions and considerations
  • Performance and security
  • Analytics and revenue models
  • Multiple Android markets
  • Promotion and consumer needs
  • and much more

Android Open happens October 9-11, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco. Expect to encounter actionable insight, alternative hardware and services, announcements and product launches, and a "hallway track" that takes networking to a whole new level. Join with other Android professionals who are passionate about making the Android universe open, inclusive, and successful at the very first Android Open.

- Android Open

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