Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Time at Swecha

I was honoured when i got an invitation from Swecha to give a seminar for a day in their 15 day workshop. I was overwhelmed by the scale of the event itself to begin with. I was stunned by the energy level of each executive of swecha towards organizing this 15 day workshop. The energy level that each person whether it may be the president to a volunteer, it was all the same. It showed the commitment these people have. It was such an inspiring experience for me that I felt very lucky to be among the best people and there was so much to learn with them. I reaaly loved the response students gave to this event. I thought they might be exhausted of having continous sessions for 13 days but the moment I stepped in the assembly hall to deliver my seminar I could feel the energy in the air.I loved the part of group discussions that was conducted every day. I really like the way Mr. Kiran Chandra put his views on a certain topic and let every one express their views on it. I feel the best way to learn is to teach. I am glad that I was part of a some really exciting people and looking forward to be able to share something again.
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